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The term Natural Vitamin E applies to a family of eight related compounds, each with its own biological activity, potency and functional use in the body. The tocopherols and the tocotrienols are the most common but the tocotrienols are less widely distributed in nature and are found mainly in palm oil.
Natural Vitamin E labelChemical Name: The form of Natural Vitamin E most active in humans is Alpha-tocopherol, a powerful biological antioxidant. The name Alpha-tocopherol [tocopherol comes from the Greek word tokos 'birth' and phero 'to bear'].

Natural Vitamin E Chemical Structure, C26H44O2

Natural Vitamin E and other antioxidants protect the cells of the body from the effects of free radicals, the potentially damaging by-products of the body’s metabolism. Free radicals have been known to cause cell damage which can contribute to the development of circulatory problems, even cancer.

Four isomers of Natural Vitamin E are found naturally:

  • d-alpha tocopherol, C29H50O2 is 5,7,8,-trimethyltocol, the strongest Natural Vitamin E activity
  • d-beta tocopherol, C28H48O2 is 5,8,-trimethyltocol
  • d-delta tocopherol, C27H46 O2 is 8,-trimethyltocol
  • d-gamma tocopherol, C28H48O2 is 7,8,-trimethyltocol

from natural sources.

Fat soluble natural Natural Vitamin E may be destroyed by freezing and extreme heat.


  • affects the synthesis of hemoglobin
  • antioxidant protecting cellular membranes from oxidative damage by preventing lipid oxidation, especially the peroxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids, cholesterol and other free radicals
  • essential for fertility and reproduction
  • involved in red blood cell formation
  • limits the oxidation of low density lipoproteins (LDL)-cholesterol (“bad” cholesterol) [which causes blockages in coronary arteries that may lead to atherosclerosis and heart attacks]
  • may block the formation of nitrosamines [carcinogens formed in the stomach from nitrites consumed in the diet]
  • may protect against the development of cancers by enhancing immune function
  • prevents breakdown of body tissues
  • protects vitamin A and essential fatty acids from oxidation in the body cells
  • synthesis and maintenance of red blood cells and their constituents

1 mg alpha-tocopherol is equivalent to = 1.5 IU

In general most adults in the USA, do not get enough natural Natural Vitamin E from their normal diets to satisfy health requirements. Eating a variety of foods that contain Natural Natural Vitamin E is the best way to get an adequate amount. Healthy individuals who eat a balanced diet and follow the Dietary Guidelines still need to supplement.

Caution: Low-fat diets can substantially decrease Natural Vitamin E intakes if some supplements are not included in the dietary program.


  • avocados
  • carrots
  • Cheese, especially Parmesan, Cheddar
  • chickpeas
  • egg yolk
  • fats and oils
  • green leafy vegetables – spinach, brussel sprouts
  • vegetable oil
  • legumes
  • margarine
  • meats/poultry/fish
  • nuts and nut oils
  • oatmeal
  • olives
  • parsnips
  • red peppers
  • seeds
  • soy products and soya beans
  • sweet corn,
  • sweet potatoes
  • tomatoes
  • watercress
  • wheat germ
Food Sources Tocopherols
Almonds, dry roasted, 1 oz 7.5 25
Apples 0.51 0.31
Bananas 0.42 0.22
Beans, green 1.68 0.47
Broccoli, frozen/chopped/boiled 1/2 cup 1.5 6
Carrots 0.5 0.5
Celery 0.57 0.38
Cod Liver Oil 20.0 20.0
Corn Oil, 1 TB 66.1 10.1
Cottonseed oil 63.50 31.80
Dandelion greens, boiled, 1/2 c 1.3 4
Egg Yolk 4.60 1.60
Kiwi, 1 medium fruit 0.85 2
Lettuce 1.20 0.5
Linseed Oil 6.10 0
Liver 1.62 0.63
Mango raw without refuse,1 fruit 2.3 8
Mayonnaise made w/soybean oil, 1 TB 1.6 6
Meats 0.63 0.37
Mixed nuts w/peanuts, oil roasted, 1 oz 1.7 6
Muesli 3.2 1.7
Olive Oil 4.60 4.60
Onions 0.34 0.22
Onions, fried 6.40 0.7
Oranges 0.23 0.22
Peanuts dried/roasted 1oz/28 gm 11.7 7.7
Peanut Butter 7.7 6.0
Peanut oil 21.50 7.70
Peas, fresh 1.73 0.55
Pistachio nuts, dry roasted, 1 oz 1.2 4
Potatoes 0.09 0.05
Rice Bran Oil 44.4 26.20
Rice, Brown 2.40 1.20
Safflower oil, 1 TB 4.7 15
Salmon Steak 1.81 1.35
Shrimp 6.60 0.60
Soybean Oil, 1 TB 87.10 9.10
Spinach, frozen, boiled, 1/2 c 0.85 2
Strawberries 0.40 0.21
Sunflower Oil 27.10 24.20
Tomatoes 1.40 1.20
Tung Oil 81.0 24.30
Turnip Greens (frozen, boiled, 1/2 cup) 2.24 2.19
Wheatgerm Oil, 1 TB 190 139


Natural Vitamin E protects against the ill effects of:

  • smog
  • smoking
  • sun

Natural Vitamin E and cataracts:

Cataracts are growths on the lens of the eye that cloud vision. They increase the risk of disability and blindness in aging adults. Antioxidants such as Natural Vitamin E may help prevent or delay cataract growth. Smoking is a major risk factor for developing cataracts.

Internally Natural Vitamin E:

  • eases symptoms of bee stings
  • enhances sexual performance
  • heals burns and wounds
  • helps anemia
  • helps overcome infertility
  • helps prevent certain cancers ( prostate, breast, colon cancers)
  • helps prevent eye and lung problems in underweight or premature infants
  • helps prevents hair loss
  • helps prevents miscarriage
  • helps prevent or delay coronary heart disease
  • helps prevent the formation of blood clots
  • helps reduce the size of cysts in women with fibrocystic breast disease
  • helps relieve symptoms of muscular dystrophy
  • improves muscle strength, stamina and athletic performance
  • is helpful for people with atherosclerosis (or a very high risk of developing it)
  • is used for liver spots on hands
  • is used in the treatment of acne
  • lowers risk of heart disease
  • may help to decrease incidence of breast, colon and prostate cancer
  • prevents coronary artery disease in women
  • prevents growth of tumors
  • prevents or delays coronary heart disease
  • prevents Natural Vitamin E deficiency in premature or low birth weight babies
  • promotes normal growth and development
  • promotes normal red blood cell formation
  • protects lungs against air pollution
  • protects red blood cells from disintegrating
  • relieves angina
  • relieves circulatory problems of lower extremities
  • relieves ‘Restless Legs’ syndrome
  • relieves some symptoms of sickle-cell anemia
  • relieves symptoms of menopause
  • slows down heart degeneration
  • stabilizes and protects membranes against free radical damage
  • strengthens the immune system to assist in dealing with illnesses associated with old age

Natural Vitamin E assists in the treatment of premenstrual tension where symptoms are associated with:

  • breast tenderness
  • water retention

Caution: Sometimes Natural Vitamin E can cause:

  • abdominal pain
  • blurred vision
  • breast enlargement
  • dizziness
  • diarrhea
  • influenza-like symptoms
  • headache
  • nausea
  • tiredness
  • weakness

Discontinue Natural Vitamin E should any of the above occur.

Externally Natural Vitamin E:

  • decreases scarring
  • eases bursitis
  • eases symptoms of bee stings
  • heals burns and wounds
  • helps prevents hair loss
  • helps relieve symptoms of muscular dystrophy
  • is used in the treatment of acne
  • is used for liver spots on hands
  • prevents aging of the skin by protecting tissue against oxidation
  • reduces diaper rash
  • relieves circulatory problems of lower extremities

Natural Vitamin E soothes and protects tissues of the:

  • breast
  • calf muscle
  • eye
  • liver
  • skin

and is used in many skin ointments, salves and creams.

Caution: Sometimes topical application can cause minor irritation


  • Anyone with dietary intake problems or increased nutritional requirements
  • Individuals who cannot absorb fat*, such as in Crohn’s disease or Abetalipoproteinemia (a rare disorder)
  • People over over 55 years (especially women)
  • People suffering from drug or alcohol abuse
  • People with hyperthyroidism
  • People under excess stress
  • People who have a chronic wasting illness
  • Severe burns or injuries victims
  • Those who have recently undergone surgery (especially to remove part of the gastrointestinal tract)

Do not take Natural Vitamin E if you have:

  • an allergic reaction to Vitamin E
  • bleeding or clotting problems
  • Cystic fibrosis (unless under strict professional guidance)
  • intestinal problems
  • iron-deficiency anemia
  • liver disease
  • overactive thyroid


In Adults:

  • apathy
  • deposits of brown fat in body organs
  • chest pain
  • inability to concentrate
  • increase in blood pressure with palpitations of the heart
  • indigestion
  • irritability
  • lethargy
  • loss of libido
  • muscle weakness
  • neurological problems due to poor nerve activity
  • no interest in physical activity
  • no vitality
  • premature aging

Natural Vitamin E deficiency:

  • can occur from having cirrhosis of the liver
  • can result from alcoholism
  • can sometimes occur after gastric or intestinal surgery
  • develops from inefficient absorption of fats due to intestinal or pancreatic disease
  • has been found in premature, very low birth weight infants (weighing less than 1500 grams [3 1/2 pounds])
  • is seen in individuals with rare disorders of fat metabolism
  • obstructive jaundice
  • tropical sprue

Natural Vitamin E:

  • decreases effect of iron supplement in people with iron-deficiency anemia
  • maintains the biological integrity, facilitates absorption, storage and utilization of Vitamin A and reduces potential toxicity of Vitamin A
  • works well combined with other antioxidants, such as Vitamin C and Selenium.

Excessive doses of Vitamin E:

  • causes Vitamin A depletion


  • decreases absorption of Natural Vitamin E, so smokers may require supplemental Natural Vitamin E

Chronic alcoholism:

  • depletes Vitamin E stores in liver


  • Do not freeze
  • Do not store in bathroom medicine cabinet as heat and moisture may alter the chemical action of Natural Vitamin E
  • Store in a cool, dry area away from direct light
  • Store safely out of reach of children

How to Prepare Foods to Retain Vitamin E

Natural Vitamin E can be lost from foods during:

  • cooking
  • preparation
  • storage

To retain Natural Vitamin E:

  • Store foods in airtight containers and avoid exposing them to light
  • Use whole-grain flours

Remember to take a high potency Natural Vitamin E supplement.Natural Vitamin E label

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